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Fine Jewellery



The Rutherford family have over 60 years experience in beautiful, unique and rare valuables. Their vast collection of fine jewellery showcases one of a kind antique jewellery representing numerous eras as well as antique and vintage style pieces through to modern pieces.



Late Victorian Jewellery 

 Late Victorian Jewellery


 Rutherford’s collection of Victorian silver jewellery features a wide range of silver collars, lockets, guard chains, bracelets and bangles. These pieces were often beautifully engraved and occasionally featured rose and yellow gold detail. Their Victorian gold jewellery collection features a similar range of pieces as well as intricately detailed earrings and beautiful carved half-hoop rings. The latter is set with either diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires and are a classic and timeless piece of Victorian jewellery. 



EDWARDIAN JEWELLERY  (c1890 - 1915):  


Edwardian Jewellery                             

The Edwardian jewellery featured in Rutherford’s collection is aesthetically similar to Victorian gold jewellery, however, reflects the rise in popularity of white metals, both white gold and platinum. Highly detailed drop earrings and rare platinum pendants of this period often feature old cut diamonds each cut by hand over 100 years ago. The beauty and uniqueness of these pieces make them natural selections for special bridal jewellery.  

ART DECO JEWELLERY  (c1920 - 1935):   


Art Deco Jewellery 

With the rise of affluence across the Western world in the post-war era and the development of the diamond and precious metal industries came the demand for bold statement jewellery. The jewellery of the Art Deco period epitomised the culture and values of the time. Rutherford’s collection of Art Deco jewellery is one of the largest collections in Australia and certainly one of the most amazing. With hundreds of pieces from simple yet stunning engagement rings through to incredible works of art such as this fantastic three stone diamond ring featuring an old European cut diamond in the centre and two Asscher cut diamonds in an intricately detailed setting.  

RETRO  JEWELLERY  (c1940 - 1950).  

Retro Jewellery 

 Retro Jewellery


Retro jewellery is typically heavier in its look and feel to earlier jewellery like that of the Edwardian era. It also relied more heavily on the use of rose gold resulting in some fantastic and unique pieces such as Rutherford’s diamond set gold buckle bracelet and diamond set bow ring.  


 Victorian, Edwardian & Art Deco Jewellery





For decades, Rutherford has been refining the art of designing and creating new jewellery that draws on the best of each of these eras. Although modern, these pieces carry with them the timeless beauty of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods. This enables their collection to feature fantastic rubies, sapphires and emeralds and diamonds that have been mined and cut more recently to modern standards. The pieces below showcase incredible gemstones some set in an antique style and others in a more contemporary setting.   



Ruby Jewellery 





One of the most important coloured stone gems, rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum and vary greatly in size, colour and quality. Large Burmese rubies such as this 3.01ct pigeon’s blood ruby are rare and highly sought after.  


 Sapphire Jewellery





Sapphire’s are also from the corundum family and whilst typically blue, they come in a wide variety of colours. The quality and rarity of a sapphire, like all gemstones, depends on colour, clarity, carat weight and the cut. These sapphire earrings feature a matched pair of brilliant blue stones set in 18ct white gold and a border of fine diamonds.    


Emerald Jewellery 





Prized throughout the centuries, high-quality emeralds are rare and highly sought after. Whilst their colour is as unique as sapphires and rubies, emeralds typically have more obvious natural inclusions. This 5.29ct cabochon emerald is set in an Art Deco setting in 18ct white gold.  

Rutherford’s trained gemologists and diamond technologists look forward to assisting you to make an informed decision for your next purchase.