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Kailis Jewellery

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In the mid 1970s in a shed in the remote north-west of Australia, Dr. Patricia Kailis AM OBE opened the first speciality pearl jewellery store in Broome, the home of the iconic Australian South Sea pearl. Over the next three decades the company grew and evolved into Kailis Australian Pearls, a luxury brand launched in 2002. The brand is founded on Dr. Kailis’ passion for pearls and how they are set into luxurious jewellery designs. Dr. Kailis’ own style is embodied in the way Kailis pearls are designed to be worn for all occasions. She added a modern Australian influence to the timelessness of pearl jewellery, creating a brand to be shared with other gracious women of style and confidence.   


The Kailis name has since become synonymous with the finest Australian South Sea pearls set in versatile, elegant and contemporary jewellery designs. Discover the world of Kailis Australian Pearls at Rutherford today.