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Rutherford Jewellery

Rutherford has called Collins Street home for decades. Now with multiple stores on Australia's premier street, it is our flagship store with a reputation for magnificent jewellery. Our collection ranges from rare antique jewellery from the Victorian and Edwardian eras and an extensive collection of Art Deco jewellery through to contemporary gemstones and diamonds. Our team of jewellers and gemmologists would be delighted to assist you to find the perfect piece whatever the occasion. 

Visit our specialist team who would love to assist you with gifts for someone special as well as repair work or custom made creations.

Rutherford Pearls

The first pearl specialist store in Melbourne is now a local icon and shopping destination. For decades rare and beautiful pearls from all over the world have adorned the Rutherford windows catching the eye of those walking by. Lustrous white South Sea pearls from the West Coast of Australia, rich Tahitian pearls and the golden pearls from the waters around the Philippines are always in plentiful supply. As the first and largest stockists of Kailis Australian Pearls in Melbourne there is no better place to see their collection all at once as well. Visit our knowledgeable staff for assistance with purchases, repairs or custom made pearl jewellery. 

Rutherford Camberwell

Conveniently located in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, our Camberwell store carries both our fine jewellery and our pearls. Our range of Rutherford pearls in Camberwell includes the magnificent South Sea pearls of all colours and varieties as well as the traditional Akoya pearl and the everyday Freshwater pearl. As for our diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery our unique collection represents Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro and Contemporary periods. The friendly staff in Camberwell are able to assist with repairs, custom made pieces and of course, new acquisitions. 


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